Why Choose International School of Missions (ISM) As Your Missionary Education?

1-USA Private Accredited Top Education

Through ISM partnership with International College Ministry you will receive ICM's Associate of Arts in Ministry Program with emphasis in Missions. ICM has graduates both the United States and from several nations where they are making an impact in their mission’s field.

2-Learn From Experienced Missionaries

All our teachers have been missionaries in some part of the world and have served many years. We believe in discipleship as we teach missions. Each student is adopted as a disciple by our missionaries to develop their vision and skills to be effective on their call.

3-USA has sent thousands of missionaries to the nations

No other nation in this world, except for Israel (for which we all are debtors), has contributed and sent missionaries as much as the church of the United States of America. The USA is still a great nation that has much to share about reaching the unreachable mankind.

4-ISM and ICM at Collaboration

The International School of Missions founders have over 39 years of missionary experience in both teaching and serving in challenging nations. International College of Ministry has graduated students around the globe that make a difference in the mission field.

5-Enjoy Learning In Orlando, Florida.

Orlando has become the capital of tourism and entertainment of the World. This is a mission field for every student of ISM. You will be challenged and will have the opportunity to win the lost that might become the nation the Lord will send you later.



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